Strain collections

The good, the bad and the ugly food microorganisms

– we have many of them!


ISI Food Protection is the owner of collections of bacteria, moulds, and yeasts numbering more than 5000 strains; our strain collection is continuously being expanded by gathering interesting new strains.


The good: food grade microorganisms as culture candidates

Over the past years, ISI Food Protection has collected isolates from a wide range of food products. From this collection, microorganisms are screened, selected, and tested to meet specific customer requirements whether they are for use in food, feed, or agriculture.

ISI Food Protection also offers deposition of strains for commercial use, and if required, kosher or halal standards can be ensured.


The bad and the ugly: pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms as indicator strains in challenge tests

ISI Food Protection has a large collection of biosafety level 2 or 3* food pathogenic strains as well as of spoilage microorganisms from various food categories such as meat, dairy, fish and seafood, soups and sauces, fresh or processed vegetables, and plant-based analogue products.

Our collection of “the bad and ugly” provides a unique and strong basis for selecting suitable pools of microorganisms for challenge testing, where the efficacy of protective solutions convincingly can be compared, benchmarked, and documented.