Efficacy documentation


If in simple models or in complex food systems – we can test how efficient your antimicrobial substance or technology is.

If you would like to get tested how potent a substance against specific microorganisms is, or if you would like to get a professional documentation on the antimicrobial performance of a technology, you will find with us the ideal partner. We can challenge as well as in different model systems but also in complex food processing steps how antimicrobial substances or technologies performs. And no matter, if you want to get these tests done with food pathogenic bacteria, with spoilage bacteria or with yeasts or moulds, we have a large pool of food-related microorganisms in our ISI strain collections. Or, which might be for you of an even higher value, we can also isolate your specific so-to-speak trouble makers that you would like to get controlled in your processes or products and perform such tests directly with these isolates.

Among others, we offer following tests in our biosafety L3* facilities:

  • MIC and MBC studies: Determination of the minimum inhibitory and minimum bactericidal concentration
  • FIC studies: Assessment of combinatory effects of antimicrobials by determining the fractional inhibitory concentration
  • Growth tests in food model systems
  • Surface inhibitory tests
  • OST tests: Surface spot tests with moulds and yeasts (e.g. on salami type sausages)
  • Test with airborne microorganisms (e.g. to document the efficacy of filtration or UV decontamination systems)