Finding and validating the protective solution for your needs

Food manufacturers face many demands to produce foods with a clean label, minimal processing, lower cost or a reduced content of salt, nitrite or sugar. Requirements on packaging materials may also change. Last but not least, there are legal obligations to fulfil.

Most of these factors have a direct impact on food stability and safety. As a manufacturer, you need to know which solution will give your product the best protection against pathogenic and spoilage bacteria.

At ISI Food Production, we take you through the myriad of antimicrobials, processes and other protective measures so you can get an overview of the options. A silver bullet that can solve all challenges is typically hard to find. Our task is to identify and help you implement the best, all-round solution, meeting your needs in relation to efficacy, legislation and cost.

Our services

Hurdle concepts: Protect your food by modern food preservation concepts.

Challenge tests: Is your food safe? We will get it challenged!

Efficacy documentation: How effective is your antimicrobial substance or technology? We will document it.