Safety and shelf-life assessments that protect your brand reputation

As a food manufacturer, you need to be sure that your products are safe and that they will not spoil during shelf life. Whenever you develop a new product, reformulate an existing one or change a process, your brand reputation depends on a thorough assessment of food safety and stability.

Many producers today still rely on storage tests using product samples from pilot-scale production.  However, the outcome of these trials are limited at best. At worst, they can produce a false negative result that can compromise food safety. The reason is that, unless test samples are subjected to potential contaminants in storage, there is no opportunity for potential pathogens or soilage microorganisms to grow.

At ISI Food Protection, we have developed tools and procedures for reliable food safety and stability assessments. Today, many European food processors and caterers have adopted our approach.

Our services

Risk assessment: Evaluating the safety of your food product

Shelf-life assessment: Assessing the shelf-life of your food product

Secondary shelf-life: What is the shelf-life of your product when it is opened by the consumer